Hogwart's Class of 1978

These Are Dark Times

The Dark Lord is on the rise to power, the marauders' map has just been created and the Gyffindor boys are at large, the Vietnam war just ended, and the time of flower power is coming to a close. A war is about to break out and these young men and women, witches and wizards will be the ones fighting it. Although... for the time being, they are safe and content inside the strong, sound walls of the oldest magical institution in the world.

Guidelines and rules 

  1. Respect.  Please have respect for yourself and the other roleplayers.  This includes no “god-modding” and no OOC drama.  
  2. Maturity.  Please keep in mind that this is a mature roleplay, we just ask that smut be included under a “read more.”
  3. Activity.  If you have been inactive for a week you’ll get a warning in your ask box, if you don’t reply in forty eight hours- you’re out.  If you’re going to be gone for a bit, please just let us know.  
  • Stay in character.
  • If you want to change your face claim, just ask.  I’m open to discussing it.  
  • Follow everyone, that’s a given.
  • There should always be more IC posts than OOC.
  • Original characters are allowed.
  • The silliest of all the gooses is the password.
  • Para, para, para!  These face claims weren’t chosen because of their gifs, though I know they do have some.  It’s not that hard to say what you mean with words, just do your best.